Satellite to IMPA Member

Traditional marketing to digital marketing, E - commerce and E - marketing.

Converting the jobless youth in to a self entrepreneur in agriculture sector.

Hydroponics and Aeroponic – agriculture & horticulture production.

Knowledge of high value product – in short duration, long shelf life product, demand based product, export oriented product and value added Products

waste to value products.

Yoga Master Trainer - training program.

Financial connectivity.

Rejuvenate colleges to agriculture technologies.

Skill development, taxation, legal awareness, waste management & wealth management.

Arranging buyer seller's meeting in domestic and international markets.

Coordination with the participants to attend the domestic and international exhibitions.

Facilitation for old age persons.

Conducting health camp’s and promotion of generic medicines in rural areas.

Legal special education training for the preparation ofJudge and Public Prosecutor exams.

Special education for the preparation of IAS / IPS exams.

From our community high end businessmen and organizations will be offering the franchise, distributorship, sub-contract, job work, out sourcing and support.

Employment exchange, job need and job offer.